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Komala curry house opened its doors in 1995 at downtown honolulu to serve the lunch crowd of the business district. Since then we have become a fixture for the locals. We have earned their trust as a healthy and affordable place for them to have lunch. Our motto from the start has been quality, taste and affordability. Hawaii with diverse ethnicity offers a wide range of fresh vegetables which has made our job easy.
We try to incorporate the best spices, clean cut meat products, and fresh vegetables to our everyday dishes which are then cooked with lots of love and care by Ms Lata Ramesh, our chef/owner. She has been cooking with the customer's satisfaction in mind and not minding about the cost. It has proved to be very successful. People noticed and they have been kind to us by being our customers for all these years.
We are proud to say that we get to see some of them more than three times a week which makes us very happy. In 2002, we opened another outlet to cover both sides of downtown. We plan on keeping their confidence for many more years to come by doing the right thing.